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Finding Your Ideal Client

Finding your ideal client, the key to a profitable, chaos free business.

Identifying your ideal client.

We all have our favourite customers. They are a pleasure to deal with. They appreciate the product or service your business provides. They do a large volume of business with you. They never haggle over price, in fact they are willing to pay a premium. They are loyal, coming back over and over. They refer other great customers to you. They are extremely profitable for your business. This, my friend, is your ideal client!

The Flip Side. The “non so” ideal client.

Having a hard time identifying the type of customer you want to do business with? Think about that other customer, the one who’s a pain to deal with. They are difficult, to say the least. There’s always seems to be a problem. The price is too high. The quality is too low. The delivery is too late. They are late to pay. They don’t appreciate the great things that your business does. No matter you hard you try, they are never happy. They take up a lot of your time and they are drain on your positive energy.

Ideal Clients Only, Please!

Imagine if your customer list only included ideal clients. That’s right, no more difficult customers. Your job would be easier. Your employees would be happier. You could charge more for your products and services. Your business would be more profitable. Your business would take up less of your time. The chaos would stop. What would you do with the spare time and extra profits?

OK, how do you find more ideal clients?

Your current ideal clients probably have a lot in common. They may have the same level of education, they may belong to the same clubs and organizations. They probably use the same news sources and visit the same websites. Now, you need to identify these areas of common ground.
How? Ask your best customers. Interview some of your best clients and ask some of the following questions.

  • Why do you do business with us?
  • Why do you stay with us?
  • Do you refer us? If yes, why? If no, why not?
  • What do we do that our competitors don’t?
  • Where do you go for news and other info? What websites? What’s news channels? Anywhere else?
  • Where do you go for info about the products and services we provide?
  • What phrase(s) would you search for our products/service/solution?

Questions like these will uncover who your ideal customer is and what they value from your business. Let’s call this your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

The Next Step?

Now it’s time to market your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE to your IDEAL CLIENT. This will make your marketing efforts focused, affordable, measurable and successful!

Ready to make the next move? Let me help you find your ideal clients.

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