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How to Get Your Business Found on the Internet

Remember the “Good Old Days” of marketing? All you needed was a Yellow Pages listing, maybe a radio commercial or two and a newspaper ad and the sales would roll in! Well maybe it wasn’t that easy, but it was simpler than today. The internet is where your customers are looking for the services and goods you sell. They’re not waiting to hear about you on the radio or read about you in the newspaper.

Here are some internet marketing terms that you may or may not have heard of and how they are important to you and your business.


SEO is the attempt to increase your company’s ranking when a customer is searching for the goods or services you provide. For example if you are a financial advisor in Timmins, Ontario and a potential client Google searches for “retirement planner in Timmins”, your company should be a the first page of the search. Ideally at or near the top. (My wife is a financial planner in Timmins and I’m trying to land her as a client. So, I’ll use this example through out this article.)photo-1

How do you get to the top of the search?

Well, you can do it ORGANICALLY! Organic SEO is the best way to get better search ranking. You do this by creating good, relevant content and posting on the your website using blogs, FAQ’s and video. This content needs to be optimized with keywords that your customer is searching. Oh yeah, and you need to do it regularly. Google likes websites that have the following:

• keywords that are being searched
• content that is updated regularly (blogs, FAQ’s, events)
• videos
• good ratings and reviews
• local content
• lots of traffic (good, current content will drive traffic)
• uniform contact information (website, social media, directories)

By doing this, you can get into the Google 3 pack, it’s great place to be!

Or you can pay to be at the top of the Google page with PPC advertising.

PPC or “Pay Per Click” advertising is Googles way of making money. Take a look at the top few listings (above the Google 3 pack) in a Google search, they are paid for. If you click on one of those results, that company will pay on average a buck or two, but ads in competitive markets can cost up to $50 per click! In the “financial planners” search, the big banks are paying big bucks to be at the top.

There is another way!

Customers will often perform very specific searches. Rather than a general search like “financial planners in Timmins”, people will search terms like “How much money will I need to retire at 55?” This is called a LONG TAIL KEYWORD SEARCH. Because this is a very specific search, it’s easier to have a high ranking and dominate these searches.



What keywords are being searched?

There are tools available like Google’s Keyword Planner that can help. You can ask your customer what they search. What questions are your customers asking you? Chances are they searching the same questions on the internet.

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